Taylor Swift

Megan and Heather were standing in line for Taylor Swift's concert and they were talking about how fun it would be to actually meet her. It so happened to be that Taylor Sift's mom was standing right behind them and she took them back to see Taylor. Quite the coincidence I'll have to say!

The Hill Family

The Whole Gang!

Emily Hannah is almost 9! Littlest Pet Shops is where it's at for Emily. Pretty sure she has just about every set that has ever been made. She's the baby of the family or "munchkin" according to Michael. (Make sure you take a gander at the lovely Heather :)

Here's our Megan! She's going to be a freshman this coming school year. She speaks Germanese and loves to shop!

Heather is a junior in high school and she is living the dating life being 16 and all and boy is she a hit with those boys!

Katie has recently graduated from high school and now wants to go to school to become a doctor. She likes to sing, play the piano and guitar, and take long walks on the beach. Sorry boys she is taken!

Michael is the oldest and only boy in the family. He served a mission in the Mexico City West Mission from 2004-2006. October of 2006 Michael and Cara were married in the Mesa, AZ Temple.